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I am a deeply empathetic, jovial, no-nonsense clinician. My professional interest is in neurodivergent self-advocacy, identification, depression, anxiety, stress, parenting, sensory processing differences, emotional regulation, and social and learning challenges.

My obsession is human psychology. My immediate tribe include two little tackers, a partner in crime, and two chunky fur babies. My hobbies are collecting information and imagining I am fit.

I recognise my privilege in presenting as an able-bodied cis het woman who is white and university educated.

I thank the Kulin nation for their enduring guardianship over Naarm, and for the honour of living and working on Boonwurrung country. I acknowledge that this land and water was cared for tens of thousand years by Aboriginal and Torres Islander people, taken by force and atrocities that built colonial wealth and power over the First Nations, and is still maintained by systemic oppression and denial of self-determination. Sovereignty was never ceded.

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