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Neurodivergent self-identification is becoming more common. This is due to both a wider awareness of what neurodivergence is, and the high cost of an autism or executive functioning (i.e., ADHD) assessment. Self-identification is a valid and an important part of moving forward. For many people, formal assessment with a psychologist is an important part of their journey, particularly if you are needing formal supports. 


Neurodivergent assessment is my Autistic interest. If you are looking for formal assessment for autism, executive functioning, cognitive profile, or academic and learning profile, you've come to the right place! You are welcome to also work with me for post-assessment support (um.... though, heads up, the waitlist is currently for 2025). 


Please note, the assessment process is designed to be as cost effective as possible while maintaining diagnostic validity and clinical integrity. However, the process is still costly, so it is important that you know where your money is going. I currently charge $300 per hour for client contact and includes up to an extra hour of related prep, and $200 per hour for scoring, interpretation, and report writing. There is a 10% concession reduction available, just mark it on your intake form if you need access to this.

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